when i was a kid i always dreamed to become a DJ. and i became. but also i like blogging. now you are on my blog where i publishes free driver files and my guests can download that files. it is free and that is why they recommend this blog to all their friends.


On my F Presario I dropped it on it side. I already told you that I changed que inversor first and then the back light, I can see the lamp is working but the screen is in black, no video. Hi, i have the model laptop and i was wondering if someone can help me fixing sound problem. I have to fiddle around with the connection for it to start charging. Do you have a F laptop motherboard that you can peel the yellow tape back to take a peek at those connections?

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So i bought new motherboard and i done everything like this you said in the tutorial.

These are small ribbon cable traps and I cannot figure out how to actuate them to release the cable. Sometimes it will last for a while, but sometimes the problem continues, it dims and the screen light goes dark compaq f700. Even if i turn it off and turn xompaq back on its the same way. Is it always a good idea to use compaq f700 cooler under a laptop?


Compaq Presario F700 Notebook PC series

I have a compac presario F lap top. The switch is worthless anymore, run windows 7 on it and W7 will control it, no need for compaq f700. Joe I replaced the DC jack in my presario F it was not to bad to do if you have a steady hand for sodering. Retrieved 17 August Now it compaq f700 beginning to lock up. Compq also switch my power suply between Compaq f700 and the broken one.

The Specifications for a Compaq Presario F |

The wireless switch is soldered to the motherboard and I think the plastic knob on the switch is broken and stays in off position. Test the laptop compaq f700 only one memory module installed.

Reinstalling the Drivers will not fix this. Did you make sure to properly ground yourself if you took it apart? Once compaq f700 battery compaq f700 gone or replaced with a good one all worked fine. It then attempts to power on again and repeats this process over and over again if left alone. We could really use your help!


I now cannot get it to turn on.? I hope this compaq f700 will last for some compaq f700. How would I secure those loose connectors to the pins?

When assembling it back together, push the cable into the connector. Thank you, LT Tech, for the info. Product Line Compaq Presario.

It opens and when I put a dvd in I hear it spin for a little while and then stop. Lift up and replace the processor. You compaq f700 help by adding to it. Then it goes quiet, remains that way with the blue light compaq f700 on for about 10 seconds, then compaq f700 down on its own. I have had a Dell and a Compaq respond as dead only due to a failed battery in the circuit.

Try reconnecting the cable. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

Compaq Presario F700

I was wondering if you knew a little about the problem Josh commented on. I have a HP F and two days ago it cimpaq up and I attempted task manager and all compaq f700 options I could think and finally I ended up just shutting it down. Even though it passes test, the hard drive still could be faulty. Being on disability its hard compaq f700 just buy another.