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You can also set the automatic trigger mode off so you canmanually trigger the show cues via the GO button. ULink Load Memory File This operation will allow you to transfer previously stored data from your computer back into your Magic Hope this helps you. Membership Required We’re sorry. Page 17 Magic Section Your selected fixtures should begin to play theselected movement. Page 24 Magic Section 1 9:

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During the transfer, your controllers display will read thefollowing: I have had to do this a couple of times. What are your exact needs? Can this controller be used for fixtures other than moving heads – for example, led panels and a laser.

To protectagainst fire, electric shock and injury to persons, please follow the safety precautions listed below andobserve all warnings in this manual and warnings printed on the console. You can also set the automatic trigger mode off so you canmanually trigger the show cues via the GO button.


Magic DMX controller – Product Archive – Products – Elation Professional B.V.

This will give you an undesired empty show step. It has certain software on it.

Magic includes an on board helpbutton that offers step by step instructions on programming scenes and shows in both English andSpanish. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

Thanks for all your help. Your display should read as follows: If you are going to controlanother manufactures product, you have one of two choices. The FADE fader is used during show playback. Cheers James, I have 4 x XMoves plus – would profiles for these be available for the ? Page 22 Magic Section 1 8: My suggestion is that for the money, you could do much better with MyDMX and a really small netbook.

Using anRCA cable, connect to a line level output of a mixing console.

Erase All MemoryThe next set of instructions will allow for ALL programmed memory, including presets, scenes and shows,to be erased in one shot. Page 16 Magic Section A Send window will pop up.


Be sure to follow the flow chart in the exact order described to insureproper setup, programming and playback procedures. I have one of these consoles and they are not bad. Page 26 Magic Section The following rules giveimportant information regarding safety during operation and maintenance for long term use.

Patch FixturesThe Patch Fixture menu option allows you to view and make changes to your fixture address patch if desired. You can actually get the Magic to do fixtures larger then 16 channels, it just isn’t fun. I just find it a pain in use not programming. I have actually been transferring my shows from mydmx to the Partner which is more stable than Windows but limited in it’s capabilities, so I was thinking a smallish controller elxtion better suit my needs.

Elation MAGIC-260 Manuals

Page 27 Magic Section Page 24 Magic Section 1 9: You can elationn DATA wheel 1 to momentarily increase or decrease the set fadetime on the fly. However it is really geared towards say par cans and moving heads and scanners but will support LED fixtures.


Page 23 Magic Section 1 8: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Like Reply 0 Likes. Hope this helps you.