when i was a kid i always dreamed to become a DJ. and i became. but also i like blogging. now you are on my blog where i publishes free driver files and my guests can download that files. it is free and that is why they recommend this blog to all their friends.


Again remember as disclaimer webfoobar assumes no responsibility for any data loss or permanent damage use the suggestion at your own risk. In this case, choose whatever your gut feel tells you do a trial and error. We connect Android-tablet as an external monitor. The main difficulty is to find out which controller is installed in your flash drive, and find the appropriate utility. Flash Drive Information Extractor A small free utility to get the most information about the flash drive. Below is the result of a usb flash drive scan, the first line indicates the controller model:

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The easiest option is to run a small free utility. With just one click of the mouse, the function of generating an HTML report with basic data about the device you are looking for is available. So it looks like the controller of this flash drive on the site Phison.

MP3 players, phones and ivd devices – it does not recognize. The authors of the utility advise to start the program launch no earlier than seconds after the moment when the flash gadget was inserted into the USB port, otherwise a situation may occur when the device 13fw&pid be initialized with the OS.


You do not need to install it! You will be back in main window and click the big “START” button to start the low level format of you flash drive. I thought of giving it a low level format and in this article will show how to do it. One utility could approach all controllers of one firm.

Phison second line in the screenshot above ; SmartBuy 16 GB. So everything is simple, the Internet to help you, a successful recovery! Information about the USB flash drive: A small free utility to get the most information about the flash drive.

What should I do in this case? All that was clear after examining her was that she was 16 GB and her brand was SmartBuy. How to determine if your iPhone or iPad needs to replace the battery. Generally, give 13fr&pid instruction How and what program what to do to restore the flash drive is impossible!

The thing is that at the dawn of the development of flash drives, manufacturers of controllers could be counted on the fingers, and the lineup was not great.


Contacts Advertising About the site. Addition You can determine the controller model reliably if you disassemble the USB flash drive. Usually, to open the case of a flash drive, you need a knife and a screwdriver. It is advisable, before launching the program, to leave only one single USB flash drive connected to the USB ports with which you want viv get maximum information.

How to fix inaccessible flash drive identified by computer as “USB Disk 30X USB Device” | webfoobar

Now we know the information about the flash drive and can start searching for the utility. If you need vir analyze one or more devices, we recommend using ChipGenius in conjunction with Flash Drive Information Extractor, as there is no real alternative to this pair at the moment. It is not always unique, sometimes several USB-drives from one line and a series of release may have identical PID-numbers.

The program will work even in cases where the flash drive us system is not detected, when the computer freezes when the media is connected.

How to find out the password from a neighbor’s WiFi. Since for the personification of VID and PID-identifiers the corresponding financial investments are 13ffe&pid, individual manufacturers specify them arbitrarily, in accordance with their desires and preferences.


The flash drive, according to the assurances of the owner, did not fall, water did not fall on it, and in general, it was treated rather carefully Further in the last column you will see the recommended utility.

Very often, due to an incorrectly chosen utility, the flash drive becomes unusable. Mine didn’t show any util available:. Bought new icobra 64GB, but not working, checked with chip genius details below Protocal Version: In my case in the screenshot belowthese parameters are equal: Search for the necessary utility for treatment low-level formatting Knowing the VID and PID we need to find a special utility suitable for restoring our flash drive.

Opred the model of the controller by flash disassembly The model of the controller is applied to the chassis of the chip so that it can be seen disassembling the USB flash drive.